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Introducing The F.P. Journe Chronom├Ętre Souverain, Octa Lune, And Octa Reserve, Now With Solid Gold Dials (Live Pics, Full Specs, Official Pricing)

One of the most interesting, and compelling, aspects of an F.P. Journe wristwatch is that the entire movement of every piece, from the entry level Chronomtre Bleu, to the high six figure Grande Sonnerie Minute Repeater, is made of solid 18k rose gold. Just today, Journe announced that in special cases, not only will the movement be made of gold, but so will the dial. Here are the Chronometre Souverain, Octa Reserve, and Octa Lune, with solid gold dials. Full details, specs, hands-on photos, and official pricing after the jump.

What is most impressive about FP Journe is its level of autonomy. Its roughly 800 replica watches per year are completely manufactured in its downtown Geneva headquarters, from top to bottom. What is also interesting to note is that FP Journe even owns its own dial factory, just outside Geneva, and it is here, that these new solid gold dials are produced. Above you can see them in an early form.

So what makes these dials so special? Well, they are sanded down several times to make for a perfect base, after which a specific layer of silver is applied to the golden base. The numerals are now embossed directly into the dial, and then polished with a diamond tool to make them mirror-like. The last step is to use a special five layer pad printing technique to apply the logo and minute markers.

The result is an absolutely gorgeous, lightly textured, off-white color, with numerals that appear to be, and actually are, surfaced from the dial, not applied on top. These new dials will be available in three separate models: the Chronometre Souverain, the Octa Lune, and Octa Reserve, all available in both rose gold and platinum, in 40mm and in 38mm upon request.

Above is the Chronometre Souverain (CS) in rose gold, and you can see how the new dial offers a beautiful clean slate for Journe's purest model. On the rear of the slim, manually wound watch, you're met with nothing but more 18k gold.

Here is a look at the new golden dial of the CS compared to the traditional brass dial found on the existing model. It's not that big of a change, but really makes the fake watch much more elegant, in my own opinion.

Here is a look at the new dial in the Octa Lune. The golden moon really brings out the rose gold markers and hands. In the platinum version of this fake watch the markers are white gold, as is the moon, while the hands are steel.

Again, on the back, you'll see nothing but more gold. Though this time because it's an automatic watch, you're greeted with a heavy 22k rose gold rotor on top of the 18k rose gold caliber.

And finally, here is a look at the new Octa Reserve with golden dial.

These new dials will be sold at all 10 F.P. Journe boutiques, and official pricing of all three metals, in both sizes, in both metals is as follows:

Chronometre Souverain

PT 40mm: $37,590PT 38mm: $36,440RG 40mm: $31,150RG40mm: $30,580

Octa Reserve

PT 40mm: $45,860PT 38mm: $44,140RG 40mm: $38,280RG 38mm: $37,470

Octa Lune

PT 40mm: $53,330PT 38mm: $51,610RG 40mm: $45,570RG 38mm: $45,060

The new CS's, Octa Lunes, and Octa Reserves with golden dials have just begun to ship and the earliest deliveries are already in many boutiques, including New York. Go on and have a look at what a solid gold dial can do to a fake watch that already has a solid gold movement in person when you have the chance, and you can read more about all these replica watches here.

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